Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Liberals Frame Debate"

David Virtue, for those who do not know, is one of those people who can hardly be labeled virtuous. He is a blogger, tale-telling, web-spinning, fear mongering troglodyte intent upon fomenting hate and intolerance. He takes those things that have been said about him and then turns these into catch phrases that he can use upon those who catch him in his lies and inept statements.

His latest little essay is one that is almost funny. Especially in the case of the following statement:

"A case in point is women's ordination. What was initially a matter of conscience is now fully accepted and DEMANDED in The Episcopal Church. And if you don't conform you will be hounded out of the church. Just ask Ft. Worth Bishop Jack Iker and what he has had to put up with for the sake of his conscience on this issue. It has been nothing but misery in the way he has been beaten up by a single laywoman in his diocese who gets full liberal media attention and support from the national church whenever she opens her mouth."

The "single laywoman" is, in case you haven't yet guessed, Katie Sherrod. :-) You scared him, Katie. You mean ol’ Girl! :-) Poor little ol’ Jack.

It is almost too hard not to laugh at this...

Sadly, it is not truly funny. Rather, it is terribly telling of the truth that lies behind the fear. This is not just one terrified white man…this is just one terrified man writing to many terrified people, men and sadly, too many women.I don’t know how many people read David Virtue. Far more than read this site, I am sure.

I still have not figured out how women follow men like David Virtue. I know that some find Jack Iker charismatic. On paper or across the monitor, David Virtue just doesn’t seem to have that. Nonetheless, people read him religiously. It is too tempting to delve into the psychology of it all and that is far out of my area of expertise – not that I have one necessarily. Regardless, it would seem that there are many issues here that perhaps counseling would help – both with David Virtue and his fellow troglodytes.

Katie is not the only woman that Virtue attacks, merely the only one unnamed. He also laments the likes of the Rev. Susan Russell, President of Integrity and Dr. Jenny Te Paa. Oh, yes...and let us not forget "Mrs. Jefferts Schori". Not to be unfair, Virtue hates some men also. He takes shots at the Bishop of Pennsylvania, Charles Bennison and the Rev. Canon Giles Goddard, head of Inclusive Church.

Read and form your own opinion. But be warned: Reading David Virtue is not for the faint-hearted…nor is it really for anyone who has an intention to love all. DV is not a promoter of love. In fact, I highly recommend that those who are easily angered or hurt refrain from reading him at all. I never seek out his site. I found this only because it came to me through Susan Russell.

That being written, here is the link.
Virtue Online - West Chester,PA,USA


Spiritus said...

I've never read a more hateful, bigoted, intolerant piece of drivel on the internet than "Feathers and Faith" and that's saying a lot.

The only good thing about feminists is they are too selfish to bear children. So they and their homosexual fellow travellers will soon be dead, taking their defective DNA with them.

Ed Adcock said...

To spiritus,
I hope you grasp the irony between your first sentence and the rest of your comment.

PseudoPiskie said...

spiritus needs our prayers desperately. And we shouldn't pray s/he becomes the victim of his or her own vitriol tho it is tempting.

I don't understand why the Gospels have been excised from the Bibles of people who spout such hateful diatribe. I rarely if ever see any evidence that Jesus has had any influence on people like spiritus, David Virtue or the other blogs that thrive on negativity.

God grant Katie strength, courage and peace. And also take care of the rest of us who likewise try to remind ourselves and others that Jesus's ministry was about love above all else.

Katie Sherrod said...

Gosh, I'm astonished to find out how much power I have. I'm sorry Bp. Iker is feeling beat up. It's probably too much to hope that it will give him some compassion for those in his diocese who have felt so beat up because they disagree with him.
It's astonishing that so powerful a bishop as the lion of Fort Worth would feel threatened by one laywomen. Perhaps it's his conscience that is bothering him. He's smart enough to know that he can't legally take the property of The Episcopal Church with him when he leaves, no matter what he says or the word games he plays at convention.
As for feeling persecuted, well, you see how many women he's been forced to ordain as priests. Oh, that would be. . . none.
Be careful, Barbie, you're on David's list now, you bad girl, you.

Barbi Click said...

I have heard that DV has now inserted your name into his post. :-) Guess he realized how silly he sounded.
"Lion of Fort Worth" about silly...

Ann said...

Oh my and to think I have associated with these powerful women! --btw I have 3 children and 3 grandchildren - too late - my DNA is spreading and they are all (male and female) feminists!