Friday, November 16, 2007

First Day Down and Done

Well, it's started. Guess who all won the elections at the diocesan convention at Fort Worth? Well, just look at last year's list...or the year before...or the year get the drift?
Judy Mayo...Christopher Cantrell....Ryan Reed...Walter Virden III...Charles Hough...same old same old. Ironically, the people running against them were very familiar names also. Kay Strombergy, Frank Salazar, Jo Ann Patton, even the people who lose are familiar. There is just sort of an acceptable merry-go-round that the diocese allows to run. This year there was only one choosing between one acceptable one or another. This year all the flavors of the year won.

Does that not give you a clue that this is all fixed? This is all such a joke...a sad and sick joke.

Tomorrow...oh what joy! Oh what fun! They tackle the resolutions. Wonder what innovative, rule breaking game they will play tomorrow? Betcha the first two resolutions pass unanimously. I would even go so far as to guess that any alternate resolutions are soundly defeated with the infamous Iker sarcasm included free of charge.

In case you have no life and would like to spend a portion of your Saturday feeling the pain that we feel, join us, won't you? Watch the live stream -- listen to Jack Leo Iker in all his glory. Find it all at Join us in the pomp and circumstance that is the Diocese of Fort Worth.

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