Saturday, November 17, 2007

Caught Up in the Crazy

One Question for now...
If Jack Leo Iker takes what he claims as "the Diocese of Fort Worth" out of the Episcopal Church, even if every single piece of property were to go with him...what allows him to think that the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth would cease to exist? That is the arrogance of "Canon 32 which he addresses in a letter to the Senior Warden of Trinity Episcopal Church in Fort Worth (found at He tells her that he wants to make certain that if parishes such as Trinity wish to "remain in the Episcopal Church with their property" that he certainly wants them to be able to do so. How very kind of him. And how kind to allow them their property.

He is stuck in that stage of development that allows him to believe that if he is not there, there is nothing else there either.

I am not a where near, but it certainly sounds to me as though there might be a few sessions needed.

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