Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy All Hallows Eve to all y'all!

We just had a really great Halloween here in St. Louis. A neat tradition we learned -- the trick or treaters tell a joke for extra candy. Tucker, of course, had several. :-) He was also a very awesome scary werewolf. Picture to be downloaded later.

Here are a few that I heard -
How much does a pirate pay for popcorn? a buchaneer.
How do you make a handkerchief dance? Fill it with a little boogie.
What kind of pants does a ghost wear? BooJeans.

This is the first year in several years that we haven't been with Abby and Caleb for Halloween. Because we lived in the country, Tucker had no place to trick or treat nor did we have any trick or treaters come so far up our gated lane. So we went into town.

This year was a bit sad with out our little spideymen and princesses...we miss you Kyleigh, Caleb, Kason and Abby. :-) But we will see you in a few days.
Happy Halloweeny everyone.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


By the way, if you want to believe the lies that have been told about FWVM, well, then, I also have some property I'd like to sell you. But should you finally get your head on straight and understand just how serious this problem is, you can help the Fort Worth Via Media (the only group organized (since Jan 2004) and trying to do something about this situation) by going to You can donate online to help.
Listen up, People!

At GC '06 I heard a "person" from TEC say that when the bishop of Fort Worth started trying to take the property out of TEC, TEC would be there to make certain that it went nowhere.
Ok...So where are you? Seems too much to me as though people are ignoring Jack Leo Iker just as they always have...treating him as though he is a misbehaving three year old...letting him have his tantrum in the other room. Problem is...there are a lot of us in this room that are having to put up with his tantrums while the rest of the church just goes on about its way...wish we could...

Katie says it all so much better so I'll hush and let y'all read her.

Attention! Legal help requested!

Here’s the thing -- in places such as Virginia, Georgia, etc., the diocesan bishops are using diocesan resources to help people who want to stay in The Episcopal Church. They seem to be getting ample help from the national church.But in the Diocese of Fort Worth, the bishop and all the diocesan leadership and nearly all the clergy are using diocesan resources to try to take all the diocesan property out of The Episcopal Church.So here it’s a bunch of lay people who are struggling to keep our property in TEC. Mostly it has been Fort Worth Via Media working on this. Even the clergy who might want to stay in TEC don’t trust us [the bishop has branded us liars, thieves, and troublemakers since the day we formed the organization] or the other clergy enough to band together with us.This has made meeting Bonnie Anderson’s challenge to saddle our own horses, well, a challenge.
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Katie Sherrod

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