Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Processing by Blogging

We found a house that we really like. Of course, there are many houses in this city that we really like. The point is, we can actually afford this one.

It is huge, perfect for visiting guests, family, anyone who needs a place to sit and heal. Lots of room but homey.

We turned an offer in on it yesterday. But it was such a good buy, in size, price and location, we were not the only ones. As a result, we were outbid.

The good thing is that because of the belief that God is always working in our lives, I didn’t get my hopes way up there. We prayed that God would guide us in the right way and guard us from ourselves. Because of that prayer, I was not really worried. If we didn’t get it, then I was ready to believe that was just part of the big Plan. If we did get it, well, then, I was just as ready to believe that was part of the big Plan too. Either way…it worked.

Regardless of hopes, the idea of once again owning a home brought me several points of consternation.
If we own a home are we tied down – to one place, to a mortgage, to jobs, to a certain economy and real estate market? That doesn’t fit into the gospel idea of ‘take nothing, sell it all, go and trust God’. When we first began this journey, we did take a few things, we didn’t sell it all but we go and for the most part of this journey, we have trusted that God is always with us and will always guide us.

If we own a home, does it make us less ready to go as God guides? We already proved that one. We had a home plus acreage. Plus animals. Once we said ‘yes, we are ready,’ all things fell into place. In a very short amount of time, we no longer had most of those things and we were on the road. We lacked for nothing.
Ok, so that answers one question. A home does not tie us down.

But what about too much? How much is too much? This house was huge. Seriously so. Over 3000 square feet. No, we certainly do not need that much room. However, it would have been ideal to create a hospitality house, to turn it into a place for short retreats, a home always open to those who need a space for a short while. Still…it was grand.

I don’t think I will ever be able to justify owning a home while so many in the world don’t even have a roof. I can’t even begin to try. Nor will I make excuses for the fact that I have a roof. I am no more deserving than another. But I can make certain that I use my home in a way that will be to the glory of God.
And always, I will remember that just as Jesus sent the disciples out into the world with nothing, so Jesus later told them to be prepared for the next stage of the journey.

I will continue to process this. But I do believe I feel change coming. 

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