Sunday, November 18, 2007


I posted on the blog last night (after reading about San Joaquin) but I decided to delete it this morning. It was titled "Mathematical Musings".

I deleted it because it felt too much as though I had yet once again been caught up in the toxicity of this diocese. I had on my "shield" of sarcasm and arrogance. So...I decided to take it off.
Both the shield and the blog.

I personally do not believe it is healthy for the two parties of people in this diocese to continue on together. What was love is too easily turned to hurt and anger. Yesterday, Debbie and I were wounded yet once again by one who claims to love us. He stood up during one of the debates and told all the reasons why he thought the people in this diocese, the diocese itself, should accept the invitation from the Province of the Southern Cone. No, he did not lamblast gays and lesbians but the fact that he fully supports all those who do is painful. Will it matter that he saw the pain in our tears that his words caused? Only God knows.

There are people who are trying to stay together at all costs. When people attempt that act, someone along the road is sacrificed. We can no longer afford to sacrifice people on the Altar of God. We have lost too many already.

We cannot exist side by side sharing the same space. I have heard suggestions that the two sides can try to live in the same building -- two denominations, two vestries, two altar guilds, two of everything...How can that work? If it was a Lutheran congregation and an Episcopal one...maybe. But not two groups of people who claim ownership in the very same property all the way down to the altar linens. It would be like two exes attempting to live in the same home with new spouses, along with all the children and the in-laws. It would take a miracle.

But a miracle is what we have been praying for, yes? Maybe it is time to save our miracle prayers for all the special people in this world who need these right now.
May I offer some suggestions? Amanda (my daughter), Fiona (2 1/2), Matthew (7), Diane, Pat, Del, Sherry, Bob, Barb, Jay, Jo, the vestry at Trinity, all who serve God in this church...
Feel free to add more.


PseudoPiskie said...

Mother God, please help us in our hurting. Some of us feel the sting of those who do not seem to understand the message you sent thru Jesus. Those who would put themselves in your place and judge, condemn and exclude others need your help even more than we do.

Please find a way to remind us that you love us unconditionally. Please help us find a way to be a positive example for those who do not understand but are willing to learn. Please, God, forgive those who would abuse your word for they know not what they do.

Father Tom said...

How interesting to learn that you and I grew up similarly (SBC) and in similar parts of the country...yes, I remember the Dinners on the Grounds. Trinity Church is a wonderful community of caring, loving individuals who will probably lead in the reformation of the Diocese of Ft. Worth and hopefully will inspire others. She is growing because there is much to offer - inclusion, love, respect, and most of all a dedication to the Episcopal Church. My spouse and I always enjoy attending the service there (especially the folk mass). Continue to fight the good fight and continue to pray for Iker and his cohorts of good ol' boys. Maybe someday they will see the inclusive light of God.