Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My My My

Jack Leo Iker, the "Bishop of Fort Worth", how you do go on!

The once upon a time Episcopal Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth who is "negotiating" with another bishop from another province (that would NOT be Province VII of the Episcopal Church) has answered the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in a letter. http://fwepiscopal.org/bishop/bishoppbreply.html

Our bishop is "rather surprised" that the Presiding Bishop (that would be the one he doesn't recognize because she is female and not worthy of being a priest, much less a bishop and heaven forbid an "arch" bishop!) would accuse him of abandoning the communion of "the church". She had, of course, reminded him in a fairly gracious letter that should he decide to carry through with all his threats and promises of late that he could indeed be considered to be abandoning the communion of the church - that would be the Episcopal Church - that same one to which he swore loyalty at his consecration. Of course, he has decided that certain words in the Book of Common Prayer are not necessary so he has decided to reinterpret. What a novel idea! He did the same thing with the history of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth but Fr. Jake tells about it a lot better than I might. http://frjakestopstheworld.blogspot.com/ Wonder what else he has interpreted differently??

Further, he goes on to chastize her - the silly little female that she must be simply because she is a woman in bishop's clothes. Not only does he berate her for attempting to "interfere" in the life of his diocese but he admonishes her for not attempting to reconcile, mediate or enter into dialogue with him. Hmmm...something is reminding me of a second meeting in New York that Our Bishop decided would be time wasted for him to attend...

All this concerted effort to deride, denigrate and deny...reminds me of a banty (Bantam) rooster out in the chicken yard, scratching up a bunch of dust and making a lot of noise. Meanwhile, the hens are in the hen house laying eggs to feed the children.


Jan said...

Bravo! Thank you for writing all this.

Barbi Click said...

And thank you for reading and commenting!