Friday, July 11, 2008

Prayers for Lambeth

Although I am adjusting to life in a church wherein I am fully welcomed and recognized as having talents that are worthy of being shared, still, I suffer from a need to know (or rather, desire to know) in regards to what all is happening in the not-so Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. Not much information comes out to insiders, much less information available to those outside the loop. On the Bishop’s Page, there is a note regarding the meeting of the Global Anglican Future Pilgrimage and Conference held in Jerusalem just a couple of weeks ago but nothing about his hopes for Lambeth. Of course, maybe that is because he holds so little hope for the meeting of the majority of the Anglican Communion’s bishops from around the world.

My feelings about being a part of this Episcopal Diocese of Missouri are such a difficult thing to explain – both to the people back home and the people here. It is almost an Annie type of feeling – being unwanted by most, considered a problem by others who want to tolerate you and then being welcomed into a new and loving home – as is, regardless. Is the home perfect? Of course not. Is it good? Yes it is.

All these things are brought home to me more poignantly as I search for information about the bishop of Fort Worth and his plans for Lambeth or if he even came home between GAFCON and next week’s meeting in England. I know exactly when Bishop Smith of Missouri left. And I know where he has been and what he has been doing. So do all the other people in the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri. He is blogging while he is away. I know this because of an email I received notifying me and many others about the blogsite. Plus, the weekly Diocesan newsletter put out the address. The main communication tool that the Diocese of Fort Worth uses is its ad clerum notices sent only to diocesan delegates and clergy. Oh…and its website which is the source of the Bishop’s Page plus links to other statements made by the bishop. One of these states that he has plans to attend Lambeth so that he can help it be known that the Episcopal Church is not doing anything to “accommodate” the Diocese of Fort Worth. He also wants to “testify to the fact that TEC is not in compliance with the Windsor Report”. (and who is???)

Meanwhile, Bishop Smith is blogging about the meetings that he has had so far with the bishops from the Sudan. He is letting it be known that he is there for us, the people of the diocese which is a vital part of the Episcopal Church and also of the Anglican Communion at large. He is there to pray, study and worship in communion with other bishops. He is there to listen...and to be heard. While his voice may not be a voice in the wilderness, he is speaking for those whose voices are too often muted.

I shouldn’t compare. I should only love…both ends of this spectrum that we call Anglicanism. While I am loving and praying for all of those at Lambeth – those who love me and those who do not – I am also offering up a prayer of thanksgiving for all who do.

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Lisa Fox said...

I'm truly astonished and pleased (in equal measures) that Bishop Smith is blogging. And loving the reflections he's sharing there.