Saturday, July 26, 2008

On Sabbatical?

"He says that he did not go to the March for the MDGs. He thinks it was of little value.
He only attends official Eucharists when they are led by Provinces who do not ordain women. On other days he goes to the Forward in Faith Eucharists. He does not attend the plenary sessions. He thinks everything is very controlled and he is frustrated at the events he does attend. Unlike others who have taken over the agenda in their Bible studies and Indaba groups, his seem to be continuing to follow directions.
He is on sabbatical and he and his wife have their grandchildren along. One day he wears clericals and on alternate days he wears civvies. Listen at the link."

Jack oh Jack oh Jack…Don’t you know that you shouldn’t speak in public – It just doesn’t help your cause.

Gosh, trying to avoid women bishops or people who have no problem with women as clergy must be taxing…No wonder he is frustrated. While there aren’t really all that many women bishops, I am sure that he sees them at every turn.

Isn’t it strange how we so often decide that others are taking over the agenda when we don’t get our way? But then maybe I am thinking of my grandchildren…or the kids playing outside who are constantly yelling, “No Fair!”

I am sure that I shouldn’t be so petty about this silly interview. Yet it speaks volumes as to the conditions that are constantly at play in Fort Worth. Basically what this interview says to me is this – Jack Iker is not getting his way; he has no control and he is frustrated that people outside of Fort Worth do not bow when he passes nor does anyone kiss his ring. (or as other people have pointed out to me – other parts of his anatomy) Yet, I also see that his agenda is now complete.

He came, he saw and he was unable to fit in. Now he can say that he tried once again. He can go home and tell everyone that “it’s hard…really hard” to be a part of this Communion that so obviously disagrees with him.

So be it. The die is cast.


David said...

dear sister Barbi
the sad thing is that if such men were not causing so much confusion, pain and scandal in the lived faith of Christian brothers and sisters, he would simply be rediculious.
but as you say, the die is cast; one way or another the Body of Christ will work through this to the real issues and a larger, more unconditional embodiment of that Love 'beyond our wildest imagining'.


airedale said...

I can only imagine what the bishops of the world must think of the bishop of Ft. Worth. I am sure they must say a prayer for us, stuck in this diocese, with Jack and his ilk.