Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Canterbury Dreamin'

I wish I was at Lambeth. I do. Really. Seriously.

Perhaps it is my ignorance (I prefer ‘innocence’) that allows me to wish that I was in the midst of it all. Or maybe it is just my sense of the dramatic that causes it. But I feel history happening and I want to be a part of it - even if it means late nights and early mornings.

I remember the way I felt at General Convention ’06. I felt alive, unfettered and alive, to borrow from Joni Mitchell. I was only on the fringe of all of it but it was real and wonderful. That was it more than anything: I felt unfettered, free, free to be a member of this Episcopal Church…well, at least almost…as long as I didn’t want to be a bishop or marry Debbie.

That is the same feeling I had at Pride Fest this last month – unfettered, freed and absolutely amazed that so many people cared.

During both times, what I felt was the way this Church CAN be…and hopefully will be…soon and very soon.

Meanwhile, I will depend upon all the others there to feed my information need.

Press Advisory --
16 July 2008
LGBT ADVOCACY GROUPS FROM UK AND US WILL GATHER TO PRAY FOR BISHOPS OF THE ANGLICAN COMMUNION AT START OF LAMBETH CONFERENCECANTERBURY, UK—Changing Attitude UK and IntegrityUSA will co-sponsor an outdoor celebration of the Holy Eucharist on Sunday, July 20th, 2:30 pm BST, at Beverly Meadow (also known as St. Stephen’s Field) in Canterbury. A map is attached.The Rev’d. Colin Coward, Director of Changing Attitude UK, will preside. The Rev’d. Susan Russell, President of IntegrityUSA, will preach. The Rt. Rev’d. Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire, will attend with several other American bishops. All are welcome.Both Changing Attitude UK and IntegrityUSA will offer prayers that the worldwide Anglican Communion will soon fully accept, include, welcome, and offer equality to the LGBT faithful.Members of the media must check in at the press table at the entrance to the meadow. Colin Coward, Susan Russell, and some American bishops will be made available for interviews and comments following the service.END
Press contact in the UK:Louise Brooks, Press Officer, +44 (0)7503 695 579,
Press contact in the USA:Jan Adams, Field Organizer, +1-415-378-2050,


David said...

it was thrilling to read of your experience of General Convention and your most recent Pride- of the unfettered freedom which is really the embodiment of Christ's call to all of us.

like you, what's going on at Lambeth (big and small details) weaves itself in and out of my day and my practice. yes we share the same hankering to be there.

but what causes and even larger awe and gratitude is the awareness of the fact that essentially we ARE there, as the Body of Christ- the praying, loving, faithful Body of Christ; and secondly embodied in the radiant cloud of witness of our LGBT brothers and sisters, many of whom we know by name and love personally.

what an incredibly awesome time to be Anglican and alive!

the Church- our Church will never be the same because of so many living blessings born gay, lesbian, bi or transgendered. And all I can say is Thanks be to God!

hugs to B & D


Barbi Click said...

David, Yes! that is it exactly! Thanks be to God! and even if Lambeth is NOT all that it should be -- even if our own bishops do not do as they should do -- even then...this is a new day and a new way of thinking is just around the corner.
Soon and very soon...
it is almost here!
Thanks be to God indeed!