Sunday, April 05, 2009

Happy Birthday, AbbyCat!!!!!

One of the things that has most affected us as we live here in St. Louis is being away from our family - in particular, for me, being away from our grandchildren.

Beginning in April, we have birthdays for very special people - Abby in April, Tucker and Caleb in May, Kyleigh in June and Kason in July. Today is Abby's 5th birthday. It is also the second birthday that we have now missed.

Today, for your birthday, sweet Abby, we went to a rally. It was a rally to ask the government of Missouri to make sure that take care of all the special people in Missouri, little girls and boys like you, Caleb, Kyleigh and Kason. The rally was called "Rally for a Compassionate Missouri Budget." The government is trying to say that there isn't enough money to pay for healthcare for kids, grandmoms and pops and people who have disabilities. The state government thinks that special people are not worth spending money on.

Deda, Tucker and I think this is sad. All we can say is that they must not have special people in their lives like you. They must not know what it is like to miss their little granddaughter's 5th birthday.

So, Abby, we tried to do something good on your birthday.

Happy Birthday, AbbyCat!!!!!

We love you very much!
Noni, Deda and Tucker

Anyone reading this who lives in Missouri, check out Let's do something about this!


Lauralew said...

Yeah, Barbi! Preach it! I simply don't understand why the state wants to kick those who are down. I thought we Americans were (are) better than that.

And I sure understand about missing the grandchildren's birthdays. I sure miss my grandkids in Columbia.

Barbi Click said...

Ah, Laura, I bet you do!!!!! When are you coming home??
I never understood how grandparents could be soooo far away from their grands. but that was when I lived 50 miles max from mine and got to see them whenever I wanted. I understand so clearly now. Life happens...and I was so unaware.