Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Fear is the god of the National Organization for Marriage

Excerpts from the Rev. Susan Russell's blog:

"Here's the national radio campaign launching tomorrow from the "National Organization for Marriage" -- in response to Iowa and Vermont:
Do not -- I repeat -- DO NOT underestimate the capacity of those who believe they have sole possession the Absolute Truth to tell whatever lies they need to to acheive their goals."

Hate and Fear are strong emotions. There are some people who are so afraid and so filled with hate for lesbian and gay people that they will stop at absolutely nothing to break us down and put us away.

We cannot merely sit here reading our blogs and podcasts, shaking our heads in amazement or nodding our heads in agreement. We have to act.

As long as the church wibble-wobbles on this issue, so will the rest of our world. That is why it is VITAL that Integrity be at Anaheim fully prepared to wrestle this issue into oblivion.

We cannot continue to meekly say, "in a few years" or "for our children"...the time is NOW. We will never be considered equal as long as we are willing to step down from the steps that lead us to equality.
Funny thing - when the church gets involved in an issue deemed by others as "secular" suddenly the issue takes on a whole 'nother level of meaning. It becomes an issue of justice rather than a "right".

Let us move this "issue" fully into the realm of "Justice".
Stand up. Shout out. Give money. Donate time. Talk to your neighbors. As a person of faith, write your congresspeople. As an Episcopalian, take your bishop and deputies out for coffee or lunch.
Do something. Now.
It is as serious as saving a life. Maybe yours...or maybe the one so filled with fear.

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