Saturday, November 01, 2008

Let a Sister and a Brother Tell It.

May I just say that I have been terribly remiss in writing lately...not that so many will be affected! None the less for those who care, there are many things to write about. I have been sort of caught up in the drama of children lately, both my own and those about whom too few seem to care. Then, too, there is this awesome election that is ongoing. And I just happen to be a swing state this year! In the past few weeks, I have had the absolutely awesome privilege of listening to Barack Obama and Madeline Albright in person! I was at the Obama rally in St., you can NOT see me in the photo! Madeline Albright was at Christ Church Cathedral to promote her new book, "Memo to the President Elect". I even shook Ms. Albright's hand -twice!

The point of this is that I have been involved in my own self and have failed miserably to note the absolute idiocy of the current bishop of Fort Worth. May God have mercy on his silly self. Who needs enemies when one has such an ego?

Regardless, because I am so far behind, please, go to my sister Elizabeth's site...or to Mark Harris...both say it well. And surely it is not worth repeating. Elizabeth also has a fine post about the rally in St. Louis that I just happened to attend. I am one of the 100,000 that attended!

I bow to their eloquence...and I thank them both profusely.


PseudoPiskie said...

You have been missed! Hope you get back to posting regularly soon.

Barbi Click said...

Thank you! I hope so too! I miss writing. Soon...

David said...

Cut yourself some slack dear sister

Life does have that habit of intruding. A person of as many talents and passions as yours is bound to experience some interference and delays.

I think most everyone [including we Canadians] is alternately holding our breathes for the 4th, and equally exhausted by the whole thing.


Barbi Click said...

Amen to the holding breath!