Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good Luck and God Bless

Ok, I risked contamination of toxic waste to get this quote but it just seemed necessary for me to do so since Iker continues to try to hold on to that which is not his.

"Greg Griffith: Do you have any intention of changing the name of the diocese?"

"Bishop Iker: We'll remain The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, because that's who we are, and who we were when we were formed, before we came into union with General Convention in 1982. In 1982 the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth applied to be admitted into union with the General Convention (the wording of the resolution), and we were. This will be our 26th annual convention, and we've decided we cannot remain faithful to the Gospel and the teachings of scriptures while we're under the authority of the General Convention Church. But that doesn't change who we are; it changes our relationship with the General Convention authority."

I have this and this alone to say -- Jack Iker, you are illogical and near maniacal if not already there. I suggest counseling to help you undertand why you want to remain named the very name that you abhor. No amount of rhetoric from you will change the fact that you are totally illogical.

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padretom said...

I don't see how legally they can keep the name Episdopal Diocese of Fort Worth. Jack knows that he will have lost a lot when EPISCOPAL is no longer applied to identify his diocese.