Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Family Time!

Over the next two weeks, we have first one set of grandkids then a second set coming in. Oh, yes, Their parents are coming with them. [VBG] As a result of visits to the Zoo, Science Musuem, the Arch with its big feet almost in the swollen Mississippi River, the Soulard Market and so many many more things to do, I doubt that I will be writing much.

Alas, the bishop and pawns and faithful readers can carry on without my thoughts on the Anglican world at large and our own rascal selves closer to home. Somehow, I know that you will be ok. :-) Hopefully even the bishops and pawns.
So, blessings upon you all. I will be back soon!
Meanwhile - I am about to hug the stuffings out of some beautiful little people!

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