Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Well, Here We Go Again...

So, mean old +Katharine is threatening poor little +Jack again. But even though she is so mean, Daddy Iker has made certain that Daddy Stanton will take care of his little trouble maker parishes when Daddy I walks away from the Episcopal Church. So nice of them to make arrangement for the renegade parishes who will suddenly be uprooted from the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth (according to JLI) and suddenly become part and parcel of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas.

Does it seem strange to anyone else that those parishes within the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth would have to petition to suddenly become a part of a diocese they do not want to be part of so that they can remain Episcopal? As if the diocese were a physical thing that JLI can carry around with him in his pocket? It does to me.

Only Jack Iker could work his magic on a group of people and have them believing that to stay in the Episcopal Church they have to become a part of a totally different diocese than the one in which they reside. As if the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth will suddenly disappear when Jack skips out to the Southern Cone...

How afraid does one have to be to fall for all of this? That is the frightening part of it all - not that Iker thinks it but that people actually worship the very ground he walks on and believe everything that he utters. And the clergy in this diocese...oh my does one totally forget the idea of faith - what do they do to themselves to justify following this man? What is this costing them as individuals?

This particular blog tonight is just to testify to my absolute amazement at how far Jack Iker will go to get his way and how twisted he can make life seem. To see more details, go to Katie's blog - or to Jake's -

As for me and mine, we are heading back to Fort Worth for a couple of weeks. We think we found a place in St. Louis today - in the historic Benton Park. Totally cool. We will know more within the next few days.

Meanwhile, prayers for a safe journey tomorrow as we head back into She-ol.

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Bill said...

Congrats on the house prospect in Benton Park. It's a lovely area, very much on the up and coming. (Plus, it's close to Iron Barley, my fave St. Louis restaurant, on Virginia).

Best of luck with the Texas visit, too. Hang in there.

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