Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year...a few days into the year!

We are still celebrating the blessings of Christmas. Just said "see you in just a little bit later" to two of the grands. We will say "later gator" to the other two tomorrow. All with lots of reassuring that we are not going away for ever...just for a little while.

Lots of stuff going on in our lives. Lots of really silly immaturity ongoing within the current leadership of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. See Katie's blog, Can't Even Swim, for more on that... We have learned over the past few years that those who oppose the dictatorship of this diocese don't have to wait very long for entertainment. We have also learned that we never have to lie or exaggerate; we certainly don't have to work at making the leadership look silly. We just sit back and watch. They do such a wonderful job all by themselves.

So...more on that later. Just wanted to let it be known that we did make it into the new year with gratefulness and thanksgiving.

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