Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Small Dilemma

There has been a request that I let our schedule be known beforehand rather than after the fact so that those wish to meet us can do so. If I were an organized person at the time, I could do that. However, I am a bit disheveled at this point, to say the least. :-) The schedule that I worked so dilegently on is about to be complete. This next Sunday we will be in Liberty Missouri at Grace Episcopal Church.

That is it. The extent of our schedule.

So, I have a request. We are in the process of trying to discern where we will go next. Share this blog with those you think may be interested. We are not tied down to any one direction. As I have been reminded, the majority of Episcopalians in this church are located in an easterly direction. So, east we are willing to go.

Right now we are recouping, rejuvenating at Rivendell, the Episcopal religious community that we belong to in the Diocese of West Missouri. ( It is good to be here. It is a time of rest, prayer and listening.

But we are ready to go. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.
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