Saturday, August 04, 2007

August 4, 2007

To My D...

My love, my life, my partner in all aspects of this life including this crazy journey that we are now on -Thank you for being a part of me -- thank you for letting me be a part of you.

Happy Birthday!

I love you


Curious George said...

Great photos of lovely family!

Happy birthday, Debbie!

Rowan The Dog said...

That is the sweetest thing I've read all morning. Blessings, blessings, blessings...
Lindy and Rowan

Rowan The Dog said...

Oh... it's Debbie's birthday. I didn't see that part until I clicked back, even though it's in big red letters.

Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am going to drink a nice glass of ruby port this evening in your honor, and light a candle too. Do bring Barbi and Tucker back to Austin so we can celebrate properly. In the meantime, I hope all your wishes come true.


Jan said...

This is very sweet. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Blessings to your wonderful family.