Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Texas Legend

For some reason, the passing of Molly Ivins from this world into the next came as a shock to me. Maybe it was because of the emotional turmoil of the past weekend, the unexpected loss of my partner’s brother, which left me vulnerable. Maybe it was the passing of a sane voice in a crazy world. Whatever the reason, I burst into tears.

Sadly, even she couldn’t keep the politics in Texas honest. The popularity of her syndicated column always made me wonder just where were those people who loved her on voting day. Surely if all the people who read Molly Ivins and agreed with her were to show up at the polls on Election Day, surely we would have a much different political scene, not only in Texas but in the nation.

If Molly Ivins held back from saying what she believed, I am sure there are a whole lot of people who are very thankful. She took no prisoners -- she did not favor one idiot over another just because one happened to be of the Democratic or Republican persuasion. She demanded that people use their own brains to think rather than rely upon what someone else thought. Endowed with an uncanny quickness and insight, she had no problem translating her sardonic wit onto paper. She gave us hope that there is intelligent life out there.

Molly, you are missed already. Hopefully, you were a mentor to others who possess your acumen and are ready to step into your role. Those of us who love you cry out “Do not go gentle into that good night…”, yet we know it is our loss and your gain. May your words continue to enlighten those who read them. May these same words continue to give hope to those of us who wonder on a daily basis, “Just WHAT were you thinking?” when one of our infamous politicians do something that is so contrary to the good of the people.

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