Monday, February 19, 2007

Fragile Communion

During this entire Primates’ Meeting in Tanzania over the past few days, I have sincerely wanted to address some of the many issues ongoing. However, anything I might have written would have been redundant or not nearly as innovative as Mad Priest, Fr. Jake, Jim Naughton, Elizabeth Kaeton, Susan Russell or the many others. And who among the journalists can rival Scott Gunn of Inclusive Church or the Rev. Caro Hall of Integrity or the Rev Colin Coward of Changing Attitudes? Their journalistic styles, interweaving the facts and the emotion were just so wonderful. Many thanks for their willingness to share with us all. So, not wishing to be inadequate, plus the fact life its own self just disallowed me the time to think of what I might like to write, I have refrained...until now. that the Covenant Design Group has issued their “Anglican Covenant Draft” I feel very compelled to ask one question: How is it that this “Communion” - so revered, so desired, so very costly to some, is SO very fragile that one or two provinces within it working towards what they perceive to be justice and God’s will can threaten its fracture and ultimate demise?

Ok, so one more question. How much more of our communion at home (i.e. all gays and lesbians in this church seeking God's will in their own lives) will be sacrificed to adhere to this new “Covenant” designed by these humans?

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