Tuesday, May 08, 2012

"the inside like the outside"

When you are able to make two become one, the inside like the outside, and the outside like the inside, the higher like the lower, so that a man is no longer male, and a woman, female, but male and female become a single whole. When you are able to fashion an eye to replace an eye, and form a hand in place of a hand, or a foot for foot, making one image supercede another - then you will enter in [the kingdom]. 
Gospel of Thomas (Legion 22) 

I am not sure why I am still a lurker on the House of Bishops & Deputies listserv. Possibly, it is because the level of conversation, while often uninteresting, has not been offensive in any way. Maybe I stay because of those occasional gems that are placed out there for all to view. Maybe I stay to be in the know. 

But as it begins to near General Convention, the level of rhetoric has ramped up several notches. The discourse over the Anglican Covenant is the subject of a good deal of conversation. Some of it is irritated; some angry; some of it disturbed. 

I vacillate on whether to be done with the listserv. I remain unsure as to what I will do.

Meanwhile, I wish we could all just read and pray over the words of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas...without discussing the idea of canonical status...just read the words. What if Jesus meant exactly this?


PseudoPiskie said...

Sometimes I wonder why I lurk too. Lately there has been too much rather strong disagreement over things that have little to do with living a Christ-like life. Personally I can't understand all the fuss about sex. How can they have time to worry about what people do in their bedrooms if they are busy feeding, sheltering, etc.? Or why people emphasize parts of the Bible and ignore others when it suits their prejudice. I could say lots about the cons who stayed with the DioPgh and post on the HoB/D but I'll be brief. When they and we had a joint gathering our people came back wondering if those men ever looked at scholarship and history about the Bible. They are living in the 19th century. But we can be friendly as long as they don't try to steal the silver. They don't seem to agree about that either.

Barbi Click said...

Where is the "Like" button? :-) I have gotten spoiled to FB!

There are just so many fundamental things over which some will always disagree. People get stuck in their own little minds and there is just no point in discussing anything with them. I suppose this is where the "love one another" thing comes in to play? we don't have to agree -- we don't even have to agree to disagree -- we just have to love. tricky jesus...

PseudoPiskie said...

Yep. Love them. It's that easy. Ha.