Sunday, June 19, 2011


A repeat from some years past. Today is Father's Day and we were supposed to be in Texas. Due to some scheduling conflicts, that was postponed for one week. So, here I am again, from a distance, wishing Daddy Happy Father's Day. 
I love you, Pop!

Reflections on a Father's Day in 1998
B. G. Click

My small neck angled backwards to see what blocked the sun.
It was you, looming protectively like a darkened guardian angel.

Fat feet on your shadow, in frenzied pursuit behind,
I tried to keep up with you, just to be a part of that bigness.

Skinny arms raised in hope, eager to be swung above your head
I knew you were Hercules, conquering a dozen labors.

Child heart brimming with pride, anxious for your approval,
I struggled to live up to what I thought were your dreams for me.

Untrained mind ever questioning all mysteries of the universe --
except one - I knew you loved me even when I didn't need it.

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