Saturday, July 11, 2009

What She Said!

I have to share just a couple of my thoughts about this General Convention. Just a couple.

I, like others who are getting a bit worried about this church we claim, am feeding a bit on the anxiety caused by the bishops who seem to be pontificating and posturing. I am fearful that they will not be guided by the Holy Spirit; rather, I fear that they will put far too much into what the Archbishop said.

The Archbishop has an agenda.

The bishops seems to have an agenda.

So do I.

While I know that Christianity is a religion that began with martyrdom and continues throughout that same idea, I know many people, myself included, who are kind of tired of BEING sacrificed for the sake of unity.

If I choose to die for my belief in my God, MY belief in Jesus, well then, that is my choice. But when YOU decide to sacrifice me on that unholy altar of unity, that could be called a crime in the secular world if literally carried out.

So, bishops, how about this? How about you work at something different since this sacrificing humans thing was sort of given up a long time ago -- how about if you actually work at including me and so many thousands more? You worry about the numbers in the church. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that if we open up our doors ALL THE WAY to the LGBT people seeking spiritual homes, our numbers might increase hugely!!

Why not try it?

While you are thinking about it which I know the millions who read this blog have to be doing simply because I said so, go to and watch because I am sure that another article about What She Said will appear soon.

Meanwhile, imagine a House of Bishops full of people like Barbara Harris!


Stephen Robin said...

What if...

Instead of starting from the point of saying that Christianity started with martyrdom, saying Christianity began with love. Love of God for humanity, love of our Lord for His friends, His family, and through the gospels and apostles, his love for us.

If you start there, how does that alter what you say and feel?

Remember the words our Lord shared with us, "Come unto me all that travail and are heavy laden, and I will refresh you."

Barbi, God loves us, all of us, and through His love all will be well that ends well (to misquote the Bard).

Blessings, Stephen

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Amen, sister! On all counts.

Barbi Click said...

Yes, Stephen, you are right. Love was the beginning far before Christ himself was crucified and rose again.
Yet martyrdom is a major component of Christianity past. I am not saying everyone should be one - I was just responding to Lindy's statement.

Re: the idea that God loves us all -- I believe that totally. What I want is for the people who think they run this church to do the same and stop making sacrifices of one group.

Stop talking and start doing.

Barbi Click said...

and should the word compromise come into play -- all I can say is that I have been compromised long enough and hard enough and now I am tired.

I am truly tired. and so many others are also. I won't leave...but others will because they have been used as needed and pushed aside when others are threatening to leave.

Some people just love to bitch. and they will continue to do so even when they get what they want.

Bullies are bullies. Take away their power (i.e. quit giving in to them) and they learn how to live with others.

David said...

brother Stephen Robin
I think you and our dear sister Barbi are speaking of two different things: the fearful machinations &double standard of those in power & the that 'Love beyond our wildest imagining' which is the underpinning of our Christian faith.

the one obviously the misbehavior of mortals, the other the unfailing promise of our God.

knowing Barbi's work & ministry personally; blessed to have solid grounds for calling her a sister in Christ Jesus, her words resonate deeply with me as a life-long Anglican AND a gay man. there is nothing in Barbi's articulate, passionate witnss which denies or challenges the Love we both speak of- if anything they do it great honour by speaking truth to the current situation in the radiant truth of ITS living reality.