Thursday, June 04, 2009

No More Seasons of Waiting

I would like to ask all those who suggest that some of us wait “for a season” to do the same. How convenient it is for “distinguished theologians” to ask us plain old gays, lesbians, families and friends to wait for a season as they determine our worth, our dignity, our love. They are labeled “distinguished” as we are labeled queer and sinners. They wax philosophically from their throne on high while our children suffer the taunts and abuse of those who justify the hate by the Church’s stance on “homosexuality”. People are hunted down and beaten simply because they are gay – and the “distinguished theologians” want two more years to talk about their ideas on same sex marriage and blessings. Is this what is meant by the sins of the fathers being visited upon the children???

Approximately three years ago , our newly elected Presiding Bishop (who happens to be a woman), asked the gay and lesbian part of the Episcopal Church to hang on for “a season” as we entered into the time of the BO33 stench in hopes that it would lead to a more positive time at Lambeth. What positive affect BO33 had on anything can hardly be determined simply because those who were already in the process of schisming continued on with their schismatic actions. But the negative effect can easily be measured. It can be measured in each and every gay and lesbian Episcopalian couples’ life together…and their children’s…and even in the lives of all those who love them.

Now we are once again being asked to abide for “a season” – this season to last two years. Who cares what the names of the people are on the committee? Who cares if any of them are gay or lesbian? Not me. It matters not a whit to me.

What matters to me is that they still cannot make up their “distinguished” minds. Perhaps the question is so simple that these learned ones, these great thinkers are not able to understand the child-like language – What part of respecting the dignity every human do they not understand? Perhaps it is the word dignity…if dignity means the innate right to respect and ethical treatment, wouldn’t dignity of every human who is baptized be a part of the sharing in the sacraments -- ALL the sacraments, not just one or two?

And in 2011…what then? Are we to be asked one more time to wait “for a season?” Rather than gays and lesbians waiting any longer - or women or people of all other colors than white - how about all of you who claim so "distinguished" role of judging wait until judgment day to let your opinion be known?

Meanwhile, for all the rest of us, I suggest that everyone go find their copy of “Why We Can’t Wait” by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Don’t wait any longer – go…NOW.

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Muthah+ said...


I am with you! I am tired of seasons of waiting. Susan R. had a good post on HOB/D today about that same thing. We accepted B033 because ++Katharine asked us to. We can't allow it continue.

I have been waiting for 27 years, thank you very much.

Mark said...

I propose that all clergy in the diocese of Missouri, stop doing hetero weddings until 2012 when the report of these theologians is given to GC. A moratoria should not apply only to one facet of the baptized but to all.

Barbi Click said...

Amen, my brother!

Barbi Click said...

Lauren, where are you now?

Catherine + said...

I say don't wait until 2012 or whatever the absurd deadline is for this group of chickens to decide the fate of many in the Church. I say, take a stand at Convention in July and demand, that's right, demand that B033 be overturned, and protest and crash every meeting until everyone else gets the message that this indignity, this abuse of social justice will not be tolerated any longer in the Church. Six out of 50 states have legalized same-gender marriages and the battle for rights in every state will continue until all Americans can fully live into their Constitutional and marital rights. If we can make this kind of civil rights progress in the secular world, who really can hold all of us back? Remember the motto of Integrity USA: "No good thing will God withhold from him/her who walk with integrity". I say don't walk, march and speak out at convention. The waiting is over.

Lindy said...

"Distinguished theologian" my ass. They are mainly bishops. They are not distinguished nor are they theologians. -- And, I say this with apologies to any actual theologians who may be on the committee. Not that I'd have any way of knowing since you are all in the closet.

OK. Moving on to paragraph two.
I am so steamed about this.

Barbi Click said...

With every right, you are steamed. Secret, closeted, anything less that full disclosure makes a total mockery of this thing. Even if they disclose the identity of the people involved, they still look like idjits...who the hell cares anymore. They need to Walk into the light...look at the blood on their hands...accept the things done wrong and be reconciled!
Life goes on and is bountiful!
If we do not adopt this attitude, the church will continue in its pitiful death throes.
Change is about life. Those who do not adapt, die.

Lindy said...

Right on Barbi. Everything.

Lisa Fox said...

Very well and powerfully stated, Barbi. Thanks for this. I agree 100%.

In my very wicked, tit-for-tat moments, I fantasize about creating a secret committee to study the "holiness" of heterosexual relationships. I suspect we would find it a very mixed bag.

Anger. Yeah ... I got anger.

Barbi Click said...

shoot, we all know what heterosexual studies will show -- lots of closeted "homosexuals" -- lots of unhappy people, lots of adulterous afairs...lots of kinky crap that know one wants to know...and of course none of this is anywhere near as weird and wacko as "homosexual" stuff... where near...