Monday, February 16, 2009

Life Abundant in the Desert

We are living in a desert time. How appropriate is it that Lent is so near? What better way to enter into a period of discernment than to be in the throes of a wildly depressed economic time, a couple of never-ending wars, two foundational peoples trying to eradicate the other, an environmental disaster in the midst of beginning, and a world that is, at large, starving to death?

This is a lean and mean time. On the one hand, all these things are horrible and prophesy a dark death of all that we know. Not a death that will result in resurrection; rather, it is one that will result in us going down into the Pit, not because we have been cast there but because we did not heed the warnings that sprang up all around us. On the other hand, we could look at it as a time to stop, pray, discern just what we are doing wrong and how we go about affecting a change that will be life altering…in a good way.

This is my reflection. What part do I play in this journey to change?


Kirkepiscatoid said...

Ok...we must be in that "syncrhonicity" mode. my "regular reading the Bible project" is presently in the last third of Isaiah, and all I have been thinking about is that we are living in "exile" in a "desert land." Cue the twilight zone music!

My question I've been asking to myself is, "What is my new Jerusalem?" (never mind WHERE....)

Barbi Click said...

and Catherine W also.

Ok, so how about this?

Is this time that we are in a time similar to the Flood? or S&G? or Jacob's roll and tumble with the angel of the Lord?

I wonder...not in an escatological sense but in a sense of a message that God is attempting to get into our thick heads. All other things have drastic measures are implemented. And what can get our attention faster than adverse effects on our pocketbooks. It isn't as though this economic problem is affecting those who have nothing...they still have nothing. But it is affecting those who have some and more.
When the going gets tough, people start to look God in a plea for help...
just a thought...

Kirkepiscatoid said...

...or any/all of the above. In short, my answer is "yeah." I think about a week ago I blogged something about "the economy" and how "People will start looking for God and is the church ready to handle this?"

I am reminded of the former Mo. Lt. Gov. Joe Maxwell. One of his favorite "gig" lines at the GOP was, "Of course the Republicans want you to think about God. After they take everything else away from you, that's all you have left!" LOL

Well, conversely...when the world is going to hell in a handbasket so to speak, for a lot of folks it takes THAT much to get them to even acknowledge God...let alone want to dialogue or commune with him...but pop Christianity teaches people to see God as "the big cosmic Coke machine" where you put your prayer quarters in and out comes a Coke. Under that analogy, God's more like a cosmic SLOT machine and the house always wins.

It's gonna take a LOT of attitude changing....