Monday, January 12, 2009


I do not have a degree in psychiatry, however, I recognize certain obsessive tendencies when I see these.

For some reason Play Misty for Me comes to mind. Don't now just does. I am also reminded of the anorexic commercials of Calvin Klein (I think) for the cologne Obsession. When we become so obsessed with an idea, how healthy can that be?

At first I laughed when I read the letter just as I laughed out loud when I read his statement that the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church holds no authority over him. So, why in the world does he care if she comes to Fort Worth or not? Does he REALLY think that he is still the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth? Really? Seriously...

Jack, move on, son. You got what you wanted...go with it. Be the bishop of all Fort Worth (except for that part over which you are not) and forget about all the hidden gas lease money that is not nor ever was yours. Live in honesty for a change. Let go of those things that truly do not matter - just as those faith communities have now done and are doing. What a jubilation and release to be free of the shackles that once bound them!

Learn from them, Jack...move on. Otherwise, someone is gonna start thinking you are a little psychotic.

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Lindy said...

It's getting to the sad part where all you can do is just feel sorry for him.

I am glad that plans are in order for the diocese to move forward. I hope Jack finds a way to move on too. Far, far, on down the road. Far...

Thomas Squiers said...

I wonder if he has to stand on a stool to reach his ego?