Monday, December 01, 2008

THE Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth

I would like to write about The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth – the faithful communities of that Diocese (which is, in fact, THE Diocese)…about how it has moved on. I would like to say, Jack, you made the decision. Why can’t you just move on?

I have spoken with my mom about the faith community at Good Shepherd and heard her relaxed joy. I have read the joy-filled emails from my friend at St. Stephen’s. I have heard of the steady stream of newcomers at Trinity. I know these are but the tip. But I have no need to write about it all from my far off status. Katie has already done so. She has several blogs on all the joy and thanksgiving. Read them all.

What else can be said but Thanks be to God? It doesn’t matter what the virtue-less one says…or David Anderson…or even what Jack Iker does.

The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth is alive in this Advent season! Thanks be to God indeed!!!!

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Lindy said...

It must be an exciting time.