Wednesday, May 07, 2008


"Money is the root of all evil." I can believe that. What angst is caused by the lack? What do people do for the lack of money? Well, we could get an earful at any jail or prison regarding the answer to that question. We know what people do because they need or want money.

It is a serious question . does it drive us? What decisions do we make that are determined solely for the desire of money?

Is having money sinful? No. I don't think so. But when it becomes the determining factor of the day, when it affects one's attitude or accounts for the actions that one takes, it can be determined evil.

The lack of funds is affecting us now. We began this journey with a nice little sum that we knew would one day be diminished. It has been at that point for a while now. But not that diminished lot is even less than.

So be it. All along we have fallen back on faith that God was leading us, God would provide for us. And guess what? We have never been disappointed...worried a bit at times but never disappointed.

So, what do we do now? A job like I have always wanted has fallen in my lap. A parttime job but a job and one that I really like as Christian Education Director at Christ Church Cathedral. Glory! I am happy.

But is it enough? No...we have to have faith. We have been led thus far...we will not be forgotten now.

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